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Rev. Dr. Kali Ashura champions her mission to restore sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality to their rightful position in the world. As a spiritual sensualist, she invites individuals, through experiential teachings, coaching, and integrated body work, to give themselves permission to be visible and vocal in their relationships and life; expressing the truest version of themselves without self-editing, judgement, or condemnation.


She is the Madam of Red Light Divinity – an online spiritual brothel that accentuates the taboo to guide and support individuals in breaking through the illusions, systems, and structures that limit their freedom and creative agency.

Ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Science from the National Spiritual Science Center, Washington DC in June 2015, she holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University. Her dissertation research explores the affect of BDSM on the embodiment of the superwoman role for African American women.

She is the midwife to powerful women, authentic love, and the next generation of being fertile with purpose and passion.


Think her not silent; for in stealth, she moves unrelenting.

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